How do girls choose sweaters?

Winter is coming so soon, and the first heavy snowfall has already started. While waiting for the bus, I suddenly felt that I wouldn't feel hot as much as I was wearing. In winter, I can wear as much warmth as I can. I still remember the winter when I was a child when my mother would knit a sweater for me and put it in a cotton-padded jacket, so I could easily get through the cold winter. Now I feel that the big sweater is too bloated, and I am gradually reluctant to wear the sweater and forget it on the bottom of the closet. But nowadays, look at the popular retro styles in the fashion circle, big sweaters have appeared one after another, and they have become the favorite items of the people. Sweaters have begun to become popular again, and various styles have also increased. Next, we will introduce two fashionable and warm sweater jackets.

If you want to be both warm and fashionable, how can you lose the existence of a turtleneck sweater? The classic black turtleneck sweater is full of texture. It is a versatile style. It can be matched with a coat or a cotton jacket at will. It can reflect the atmosphere and capable style. For those who are not very good with the trachea, the turtleneck sweater is the most suitable. , Warm and fashionable, you must be indispensable for beauty.

For girls who usually like to dress up casually, the sweater can choose the round neck style. This kind of small round neck looks very easy to get close to. At the same time, it will not be too picky about the matching of clothes, coats, skirts or pants. It will not feel weird to wear it with a round neck sweater, and the design of the round neck is also very comfortable.

If your face is more fleshy, then a V-neck sweater can help you solve small embarrassments. The low-neck V-neck sweater makes your neck look a lot longer, revealing the graceful curve of the clavicle, and the overall vision. The effect of slimming can be seen above the effect. The design of the V-neck will make girls show a sense of elegance and intelligence, and they are a step away from fashion!

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